Gallery View

Janet Oates
In collaboration with Jon Crews

April to July 2020

Gallery View is a response to the many musicians and groups meeting up on Zoom during the months of lockdown, unable to rehearse or perform live music. I painted the Zoom grid-like picture, with its many and various ‘characters’, and presented it as an invitation to musicians to inhabit a square with either an improvised or rehearsed musical response.

The 36 musical fragments have been contributed by 30 different musicians and groups (details here); these fragments can then be played as a continuous musical conference call, each square being named and highlighted as it plays.

The online ‘audience’ can also play with the order of the 36 squares, repeating and swapping them, rather like a jigsaw, creating their own piece of music (and art).

The web page and technology was created by Jon Crews who has been amazed that, even in 2020, not all browsers treat audio in same way. Users may still experience an intermittent glitch with mobile Apple devices (iOS) where custom pieces may start playing from A1 in error. In this event, the traditional solution of pressing stop, and then play again, seems to sort things out.